Sunday, 24 February 2013

W-News | The Selection Of A New Pope Will Be Accelerated | The Holy See Vatican yesterday said the implementation or ritual conclave new papal election will likely be accelerated in early March. site reported Saturday (16/2), the Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, explaining the rumors would have called for accelerated implementation of the Conclave by several cardinals, although previously he said Conclave will be made on 15 March.

However, Lombardi stressed, until now it has been no decision on fixing the date of Conclave. He calls still possible Conclave will be done by mid next month.

Implementation of the Conclave will be performed by 117 cardinals from around the world. In practice, the Cardinals will select two or three major candidates before settling on one Pope.

The Selection Of A New Pope Will Be Accelerated

Conclave is a ritual election of new Pope practically unchanged since the eighth century. Conclave is usually held in the Sistine Chapel.

Meanwhile, Lombardi said Pope Benedict XVI will temporarily stay at Castle Gondolfo, in the city of Rome, near the Capital City of Rome, Italy, for two months after his resignation before retirement as a monk in the Vatican. Castle Gandolfo is a papal residence during the summer.

"We hope he will stay there until the end of April or early May, while his new residence is being repaired," said Lombardo.

Last week, Pope Benedict XVI made ​​the announcement that surprised many because declared he will retire from his position as leader of the Roman Catholic Church on 28 February. It is fairly rare for almost six centuries, Pope changes usually occur when the previous Pope died.


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