Tuesday, 6 August 2013

5 Fresh Drinks To Cool The Body

The weather is hot and the air makes the body so hot. Want to cool the body in a healthy way? Enjoy five types of fresh nutritious beverages as reported by the Huffington Post following.

Ice green tea

Green tea contains antioxidants known high. Drinking green tea is also able to increase energy and reduce inflammation. Try to enjoy green tea in the form of cold. Not only refreshing, this drink is also powerful cooling the body.

Ice herbal tea

Another tea that can be enjoyed during the ice cubes and hot weather attack is a type of herbal tea. Some types of herbal tea is a tea that can be selected chamomile flower, peppermint tea, and Oolong tea.

Chai tea

Chai tea is quite popular in India and is an obligatory drink in the morning and in the afternoon there. Chai tea is made from a mixture of tea, milk, spices such as ginger, and sugar. But can be enjoyed in the form of heat, add the ice cubes into the match also enjoyed chai tea to cool the body.

Fruit and vegetable juices

Fruit and vegetable juice is not a new drink recipes. This dish can be one of the options to cool the overheated body. Add ice cubes to add to the freshness of the drink.

Lemon water

Mixture of water and lemon flavor might make you a little brow furrowed. But this drink is quite refreshing and healthful. Because the content of vitamin C than lemons able to add energy and strengthens the immune system.

Those are some options that you can enjoy fresh drinks to cool the body. Good luck!


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