Thursday, 21 February 2013

Cherry Belle Is A Plagiarism !

W-News | Cherry Belle Is A Plagiarism ! | Cherry Belle began her career in the proliferation of boyband and girlband in Indonesia. Although many emerging middle girlband similar, but Cherry Belle is supposed to have something decent to get more appreciation. Young age that allows them to move more energetic dance style jamming more powerful and varied and strong vocal character is touted as an added value to this girlband.

Along with fame Cherry Belle, the more the temptation to face this girlband. before finding two replacement personnel Wenda and Devi, namely Kezia and Stefani, Cherry Belle, must deal with their similar nude photos circulating on the Internet. Cherry Belle has also been accused of plagiarizing songs from Ken Hirai. Brand New Day, which is the latest title of the second album Cerry Belle allegedly with pop Starnya Ken Hirai. In response to this news, the Cerry Belle did not dismiss the equation of their songs, even though the song is not really the same. It makes the Cherry Belle apologized to fans for the newly released song, "Brand New Day" is similar to the song "Pop Star" belongs to Ken Hirai.

Barely there this time Cherry Belle allegedly plagiarizing Korean girlband song, SNSD, entitled "Kissing You". But is it cherry belle had plagiarized his song SNSD. By posting a named member Kaskus Ophieta on June 2, 2012 today, SNSD personnel already know about plagiarism and justify it. In its news statement Ophieta also wrote two personnel SNSD, Yuri and Seohyun.

"The response SNSD Yuri Cherry Belle. Yuri: I apologize Indonesia. But frankly I am disappointed with you, Indonesia. Indonesia face citizens have special characteristics that make you attractive. You should be able to create your own songs without plagiarism. I want Indonesia to be more creative people such as Agnes Monica whose name is now very well known all over the world. I know playing in the Indonesian music industry is easier than in Korea. I am sure if you are into Korean girlband, you will not be more famous than Indonesia. very grateful to have a lot of fans but it is better to make your own songs rather than imitating other artists. right? - Yuri Kwon "(this translate in Indonesian).

Seohyun: "I heard that one called Cherry Belle girlband from Indonesia has made plagiarism seen our style. Tone of one of their songs are very similar to our tune Called Kissing you. I was disappointed with Indonesia's music industry can not be creative. whether we should include the name of Indonesia in our concert tour? we still hesitate to put Indonesia in the list of our concert tour. "


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