Sunday, 24 February 2013

W-News | Ananda Mikola And Moreno Falls To Politics World | Two national racer Ananda Mikola and Moreno Soeprapto would go into politics. Brothers would register as a legislative candidate (candidates) from Gerindra.

Ananda Mikola And Moreno Falls To Politics World

"Yeah (Ananda and Moreno ran as candidates Gerindra), this afternoon they plan to DPP register," said the chairman of the DPP Gerindra, Prabowo Edhie in a short message on Friday (02/22/2013).

Name Ananda Mikola soaring after he performed at various International racing events in Asia and Europe. Men born in April 1980 had been competing in the Formula Asia Championship, Italian Formula 3, Formula 3000 and a mainstay of Indonesia in the A1 Grand Prix in 2005. Which he achieved the best performance is when Asian Formula 3 champion in 2005.

Step Ananda compete in the Asian and European level competition later followed his brother, Moreno. Rider who is now 30-year-old whom has appeared in National Formula Asia Championship, Italian Formula Renault Winter Series, European Karting Open Winter Series, Asian Formula 3 Championship, Formula BMW Asia and Speedcar Series.

Not known in the constituency where Ananda and Moreno will go forward as candidates. Formerly from a list of candidates Gerindra appear Irwansyah name celebrities, who will fight in the third electoral district of Banten, Tangerang.

In addition to its status as a rider related, Ananda and Moreno several times so the news as 'actions' on the outside of the track. Both are known to have close contact with some beautiful artist, including Moreno is now in a relationship with Nadine Chandrawinata.


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