Saturday, 9 February 2013

Firefox And Chrome Users Closer To WebRTC

W-News | Firefox And Chrome Users Closer To WebRTC | As one of the world's largest open community supporters, Mozilla and Google to help each other in integrating services. This is evident from the launch of new features that can be accessed directly through either Firefox or Chrome.

In a press release received by (5/2), this time the two sides have been open to integrate WebRTC into their web browser. With this, the user can directly communicate Chrome with their friends who use Firefox directly through their browser.

The great thing is, do not need any additional third party applications to be able to do this. Because it's integrated, so users can make video calls and voice directly and easily.

Besides can be used for video calls, users can share photos, videos, links and other files with this feature. Usage is also pretty easy, just drag and drop any file what you want to share with others, then WebRTC will soon do so.

The purpose of the creation of this feature alone is a first step towards the realization of the communication on the web visiinteroperabilitas and actual, open, and at once. In addition, the WebRTC also pending diW3C and IETF, standards organizations, to be defined as an open standard.


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