Monday, 11 February 2013

Apparently Picasso Use Paint Wall For Painting

W-News | Apparently Picasso Use Paint Wall For Painting | Pablo Picasso, the artist known for his famous paintings with Cubism, was making paintings of ordinary house paint base. Really?

X-ray analysis of some observers Picasso paintings owned finally solved the long-standing mystery about the type of paint is used on his canvas, which turned out to be just a regular house paint base.

Observers have long suspected Picasso's art was one of the first artists to use house paint, paint used than other traditional painters to create a glossy effect of the painting.

Physicists at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois, USA using X-ray nanoprobe their Picasso painting titled 'The Red Armchair', which was completed in 1931. They borrowed the painting from the Art Institute of Chicago.

Nanoprobe instrument can view details of the individual particles of pigment in the painting that reveal the composition of certain chemical elements in the paint used.

Analysis suggests that Picasso used paint with the same chemical composition as the first brand of paint that is sold commercially, 'Ripolin'. The researchers compared the painting with a paint pigment from Ripolin the brand they bought on eBay.

Analysts art found Ripolin Picasso experimented with to get different effects that are not owned by traditional oil paints, which dry much longer and can be mixed.

In contrast, house paint dries quickly and leaves effects such as marble, unique edge effect even trickle effect on the painting. However, experts can not be sure the paint is the key to see Picasso without proof.

"Appearances can be deceiving, so this is where the art of obtaining the benefits of a scientific study," said Francesca Casadio, senior conservator scientist at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Reported by LiveScience, scientists detail their findings in a research paper published last month in the journal titled Physics A: Materials Science & Processing.


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