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Illuminati Opration On 2025 "Eliminating INDONESIA AND PAKISTAN"

1. Jewish scriptures we know as Taurot (which was revealed to Prophet Musa as) but now it is not used at all even deliberately omitted. Law which has now been modified by Samhandren (Jewish High Priest). So many verses new.

2. Book now so the handle is Thalmud, not derived from the "sky" but a book that comes from the ancient Egyptian magician in the days that follow the teachings of Kabbalah (satan worship Lucifer).

3. The Israeli Zionist Jews who propagate secularism based on the results of the meeting "elders of Zion" in Basel (Switzerland) in 1897 called "The Protocols Of The Meetings Of The Elders Of Zion", which wants to establish the State of Israel? Israel and mastering new world through deceit Democratization, Human Rights, Privatization, Free Trade, Globalization, and others.

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Jewish Zionist Program

Indonesia and Pakistan in 2025 had to be eliminated

A secret document with klarisifikasi not for strategic assessments distrube a team led by former U.S. defense secretary William Cohen who is a Zionist Kingpin, leaked out documents created in 2000 examined 15 political disipin experts.

The results of the study entitled "Asia 2025 and its impact on national security of the United States of the 21st century? menskenariokan that Indonesia and Pakistan must be eliminated no later than the year 2010 to 2025.

It should be recognized Indonesia annihilation process more so, read again the Hebrew books must handle the world (Jews should rule the world)

U.S. Zionists will not wear street violence first, and the first step they would insert his influence to Indonesia through television media, how social, fashion etc.. when it does not work that way!? then they will use violent action / war

Beginning in 2006 with the number of Jewish influence in Indonesia such as the multi-dimensional crisis, starting with the emergence of separatist forces and moral destruction terorganisirnya young people with drug, alcohol, etc.. that are backed up! the capitalist west until we no longer able to defend our country called Indonesia.

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Mastering the World Jewish Strategy

In 1773 a meeting of 13 prominent Jewish family in the world Judenstrasse, Bavaria. At the meeting designed how they should rule the world. They make 25 point plan which was then approximately 124 years later passed into the draft agenda of the Zionist movement led International theodore Hertzl the international Zionist Congress I in Basel, Switzerland as the Protocol of Zions.

Here are 25 grains draft:

1. Man is more inclined to evil than good. Therefore, the conspiracy must realize the "natural desire" this man. This will be applied to the system of government and power. Is not the first time people submit to authority without ever issuing criticism or dissent? The law is simply a tool to limit the people, not the rulers.

2. Utopian true political freedom. However, the conspiracy must be propagated to the middle of the people. If it had eaten the people, the people will easily dispose of all rights and facilities have was acquired from the authorities to fight for the utopian idealism that. At that moment, a conspiracy to win their rights and their facilities.

3. The power of money always trumps everything. Religion can dominate people in the past, has now started a campaign rolled with freedom. However, many people do not know why the freedom. This is the task of conspiracy to fill the sake of power, the power of money.

4. For the purposes of, any means may be made. Anyone who wants power, he must necessarily be reached by cunning, extortion, and a reversal of opinion. Virtue, ethics, morals, and so is ugliness in the world of politics.

5. The truth is the power of conspiracy. With the power, everything you want will come to pass.

6. For those of us who want to conquer the world financially, we must keep confidentiality. At one point, the power of conspiracy will reach a level where there is no force that dares to hinder or destroy it. Any carelessness from within, it will ruin a great program that has been written for centuries by Jewish priests.

7. Sympathy of the people must be taken so that they can be used for the benefit of the conspiracy. The masses are blind and impressionable. Ruler can not lead people unless it serves as a dictator. This is the only way.

8. Some of the means to achieve this goal are: alcoholic beverages, narcotics, destruction of morals, sex, bribery, and so on. It is very important to destroy the moral norms of society. For that, the conspiracy must recruit and train young workers to be used as a means of achieving that goal.

9. Conspiracy would ignite the flames of war covertly. Playing on both sides. So the conspiracy will gain great benefits but remain safe and efficient. People will be affected by anxiety which makes for conspiracy to master.

10. Conspiracy deliberately producing slogan to be "god" for the people. With the slogan, the government that was ruling aristocracy descent in France would be torn down. After that, the conspiracy would establish a government in accordance with the conspiracy.

11. War waged in secret conspiracy to drag its neighbors that they are trapped into debt. Conspiracies are profiting from this condition.

12. Government constituted a conspiracy to be filled with people who are subject to the whims of conspiracy. No other.

13. Conspiracy will control world opinion. The Jews who were victims of the same by 1000 the non-Jews (Gentiles / ghoyim) in return.

14. After a successful conspiracy to seize power, the new government must be formed to eradicate the old regime deemed responsible for the mess. It will make the people believe in the conspiracy so that the new government is a protector and a hero in their eyes.

15. The economic crisis that is going to give new rights to the conspiracy, namely the right of the owners of capital in determining the direction of power. It would be a derivative of power.

16. Infiltration into the heart of the European freemason in order to streamline and mengefisienkannya. Bluemasonry formation will be used as a tool for conspiracy to streamline its purpose.

17. Conspiracy to burn the spirit of the people up to the level of hysteria. At that time people will destroy whatever we want, including the law and religion. We will be easy to remove the name of God and decency of life.

18. The war had brought the streets to make mass panic. Conspiracy will take advantage of this situation.

19. Conspiracy will create diplomat-diplomats to serve after the war. They will be a political adviser, economic, and financial assistance to the new regime and the international level. Thus, the conspiracy could stick nails from behind the scenes.

20. Monopoly giant economic activities with the support of capital owned by the conspiracy is the main requirement to subjugate the world, so no one forces any non-Jew can not match. Thus, we can freely play the crisis of a country.

21. Mastery of the countries natural resources non-Jews to be conducted.

22. Triggering the war and give-sell-the deadliest weapon would speed control of a country, which is inhabited by the poor live.

23. A covert regime will emerge after the conspiracy successfully implement its program.

24. Youth must be controlled and made them slaves conspiracy with the dissemination of moral decadence and understand that misleading.

25. Conspiracy would abuse laws that exist in a country devastated by the country therefore


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