Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Freddie Mercury Biopik Will Release Next Year !

W-News | Freddie Mercury Biopik Will Release Next Year ! | Freddie Mercury Project biopik long-delayed now immediately refreshed. The film will put actor Sacha Baron Cohen as Mercury is going to start work on next year.

One reason for the complexity of the filming is nothing but a complex contract signing for 'revival' Queen legend on the big screen. With this refresh, the film scheduled for release in 2014.

Before sharing this news, Brian May, the producer met with the band Queen to talk about many things. "Our main agenda, FREDDIE is a movie, which fortunately is still ongoing process. Our many discussions about the contract, which is very complex and determine the fate of the film," he said.

A movie script to be directed by Oscar-class screenwriter, Peter Morgan. The story itself focuses on the later years of Queen came to the concert Live Aid (1985).


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