Monday, 18 February 2013

W-News | Experts: Russia Asteroid Threat Is Not Our Last Threat | The world was shocked when a Russian city devastated because the target of the fall of the asteroid. This fact seems to have to be alert because there are many other asteroids are ready to fall to earth.

Experts: Russia Asteroid Threat Is Not Our Last Threat

As reported by Mashable (17/2), the asteroid that claimed injuries to thousands of people in Russia was shocked the world. This is due to the absence of any warning signs that indicate the arrival of this celestial body.

The researchers themselves admitted puzzled to know which asteroid to come. This is because the number of asteroids and magnitude of the universe.

In addition, the asteroid that exploded at Russia also very numerous, so it will take time to determine their orbits and calculate the probability rammed earth.

The experts also claim that it will focus on asteroids that exist in Russia. They will be more emphasis on the more dangerous asteroids and larger.

"Defend the earth against asteroids as small as a fall in Siberia and lately this is a big issue. However, we will not focus there. We will pay more attention to the first because they are more dangerous," said Paul Chodas, researchers with near Earth Object Program Office of NASA.


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