Saturday, 9 February 2013

4 Ways To Celebrate Chinese New Year

W-News | 4 Ways To Celebrate Chinese New Year | What do you do to celebrate Chinese New Year this year with your family? If you do not have an idea, consider some fun ways to celebrate the Lunar New Year as quoted from She Knows (08/02) below.

making lanterns

Lantern is one synonymous with Chinese New Year decorations. So try to make lanterns with friends instead of buying them. Avoid using candles for lighting was a dangerous fire risk.

Chinese cuisine

Food is one of culture and celebrations for Chinese citizens. So start now to prepare a variety of Chinese dishes that you can enjoy a great family. Ranging from appetizers, main course, to dessert, do not miss prepare it at the dining table when Chinese New Year arrives.

ornament snake

Chinese New Year 2013 is the year of the water snake. So do not miss to make a snake-shaped ornament. After that, put the snake ornament in several rooms in the house this year to you and your family get a lot of luck.

Clean the house

The traditional way to celebrate the Lunar New Year is no less preoccupied with cleaning the house. Literally, the house will be cleaned feces. In addition, all the bad things that blanketed mind cleared, too. Some arrangement of furniture in the house can also be arranged according to feng shui to get more luck.

Those are some fun ways to celebrate Lunar New Year with family. If you do anything to celebrate the Chinese New Year this year?


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