Sunday, 24 February 2013

Thousands of Palestinian prisoners day hunger strike

W-News | Thousands Of Palestinian Orisoners Day Hunger Strike | Three thousand Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails these days on a hunger strike. They did it as an act of solidarity with the death of a Palestinian prisoner named Arafat JARADAT yesterday.

"About three thousand prisoners announced that they will not eat," said prison spokesman Israel, Sivan Weizman, as reported by the site, Sunday (24/2). However, he said, the hunger strike is just a day.

Arafat JARADAT (30 years) is a resident of the village of Sair, near the city of Hebron, south of the West Bank. The prison Israel called the father of two children died suddenly because of heart failure.

However, the Palestinian minister responsible for detainee issues, Qaraqaa Issa said JARADAT killed during interrogation. "We demand that the international commission created to conduct an investigation into the death of him."

Rallies in JARADAT hometown and in several other areas in the City of Hebron today clashed with Israeli soldiers.

Witnesses called the protesters attacked the Israeli soldiers with stones. However, the Jewish State soldiers retaliated by throwing tear gas and grenades. No casualties or injuries from the incident.

Some media in Israel states that the Zionist state troops had been on guard to anticipate if there were protests and counter-attack.

Posts 'Watchful Riots' emblazoned on the main page of the newspaper Israel Hayom. "Security in Israeli prisons today tightened and improved," the newspaper Maariv.


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