Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Mukai Osamu Become Cameo in "Doraemon"

W-News | Mukai Osamu Become Cameo in "Doraemon" | Japanese actor Osamu Mukai be the voice in the anime "Doraemon" as an actor named Mukai Osaru. Mukai Osamu will appear in the episode "Saikyou! Korobashiya Z "is scheduled to air on March 1st.

Osamu Mukai said he watched "Doraemon" since he was small. He said, "I never thought I would look at this series and it will only be a spectator. Because I had the opportunity to perform, I'm very happy. "This is his first experience of a voice actor, he commented," It is very difficult. Although I often hear from people that the voice acting is difficult, but this time I experienced it myself. In acting normal, I could use a facial expression or body, but for only the voice acting is very difficult. "

The character he plays, Mukai Osaru is actor who was born in the 22nd century. He starred in the detective drama "Saru kani Deka" and got an offer to star in Hollywood film "Osaru no Kagoya".


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