Monday, 18 February 2013

Meteor Falls On Earth Each Day

W-News | Meteor Falls On Earth Each Day | A meteor explosion in Russia and the passage of asteroid 2012 DA14 in the month was horrendous all over the world. This is because the sequence of events as there are 'offensive' to the earth.

Actually, what happened in February this?

As reported by CNN (16/2), experts have confirmed that the events in Russia and the passage of 2012 DA14 does not have any relevance. It is also supported by the U.S. space agency, NASA, stating this as a very rare coincidence.

In the view of experts, the actual meteor was spread out very much at all in this world. Starting from a large and capable of endangering our lives to a small and billions of them.

These Meteors themselves every day showering the earth. It's just not a lot of intensity and great as it is in Russia so often escape our attention.

In addition, it is also very rare meteor burned and exploded in a place with a high population. It is very reasonable because the land on Earth is just a third of the earth itself. Thus, the possibility of a meteor to fall on the populous is very small.

The events in Russia yesterday had attracted worldwide attention because of its place adjacent to the big city, Moscow, making large-scale exposure was carried out on this event. Plus, with the arrival of 2012 DA14 disputing few days reinforce public awareness.

However, NASA (15/2), which has conducted the investigation said another. As described in the research, it is certain that the route of the meteor and asteroid 2012 DA14 different. Thus, we can be sure that the two events is a very rare accident.

One thing to remember, every day is indeed a meteor fell to earth. Either destroyed in the atmosphere or on the earth able to explode as happened in Russia yesterday, experts still can not predict its arrival.


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