Sunday, 24 February 2013

The End Of White Domination In The Vatican

W-News | The End Of White Domination In The Vatican | Pope Benedict XVI resigned yesterday with a farewell ceremony is quite touching. Some pastors do not seem able to restrain their grief and tears when the Pope's 85-year low in giving the last speech.

In addition to paying attention to the subtle conspiracy rumors rid of the Pope, universal also pay attention to the name of his successor to lead the Vatican. Reporting from the BBC (11/2) the Holy See will ensure the new pope chosen before March ends.

A number of candidates are emerging. This may be the first time in history because it has a few candidates of color. Peter Turkson is the name of the direct control of the stock papal election. The man served in the cardinal duty-Wassaw Nsuta, Ghana, has been discussed since the middle of last year due to the rapidly growing Catholic through his efforts in the country.

Cardinal known black conservative but has a high humanist side. Turkson Because the level of abortion in Ghana can be suppressed. He also counseling importance of the use of contraceptives. His efforts to spread the teachings of Christ are also supported its own television station.

Other candidates are also dark skinned namely Francis Arinze. Nigerian cardinal has been a part of the Vatican since the time of John Paul II. He also competes with Benedict XVI in 2005 at the Vatican's chair.

Arinze famous noble. She arranged the distribution of food and medicine to areas of conflict in the country. Tolerance is very high on traditional beliefs. Although many Nigerians embraced Catholicism, in fact, religious traditions die hard.

While the Catholic Philippines prayed fervently Cardinal Luis Antonio Tangle they could occupy the position Pope. Hope it's a lot conveyed through social networking. In Asia, the Philippines is a country with the largest Catholic community.

In capability cardinals from outside Europe have achievements and good name, but in quantity it still seems vague and could be the next leader of Catholics still from whites. Benedict XVI is a German, while his predecessor John Paul II came from Poland.

Judging from the cardinal mapping newspaper the Guardian reported (14/2) as many as 85 of the 117 cardinals exist in Europe, spread to the rest of Africa, Asia, Australia, and America. New pope will only sound the cardinals elected on the look fit and can be subjectivity.

New pope in addition to having a high standard for leading the Vatican also approved 117 cardinals under the age of 80 years.

In order to see a strong candidate for president this year the Holy See appears white European dominance at the Vatican would end. That is, if the cardinals chose it purely because his ability is not based on the color of skin.


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