Monday, 18 February 2013

Deadly Stone That Brings Good Fortune

W-News | Deadly Stone That Brings Good Fortune | Meteor rare event in Russia three weeks ago led to a number of people hunting meteor fragments and offer to hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Daily Mail newspaper reported on Monday (18/2), a meteor fragment went on sale on an Internet site called, a regular page load classifieds.

Dipunguti meteor fragment that started in the city of Chelyabinsk, where a thousand more people were wounded by a destructive meteor hit buildings.

Some shoppers at the site was even bold bid about USD 150 million for a piece of space rubble that. But there is also offering several meteor fragments at a price of Rp 160 thousand.

"The world is full of people who want to buy the meteor fragment," said a city resident named Oleg Karpov.

A number of collectors from around the world seems interested in buying pieces of the meteor. Famous director Steven Spielberg from the United States in October of last year and even had to buy a 22 centimeter meteorite that fell in Siberia for USD 420 million.

The day after the fall of the meteor in the city of Chelyabinsk, the Russian government immediately mobilized 20 thousand rescue workers to handle the meteor's impact.

But some residents of Chelyabinsk and Chebarkul, about 1,500 kilometers east of the capital Moscow, also saw a number of people began to arrive to collect the largest meteorite fragments at the site where it falls around the lake ice.


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