Saturday, 23 February 2013

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Prepare Single Sacrilege

W-News | Yeah Yeah Yeahs Prepare Single Sacrilige | Yeah Yeah Yeahs choose Sacrilige as the new single taken from the album Mosquito.

On the sidelines waiting for the launch of the new album, Mosquito in April, Yeah Yeah Yeahs current initiative to launch a new single taken from the fourth album.

Citing news from NME, entitled Sacrilige single will be released on February 25 on a radio show. the vocalist, Karen confirmed that their fourth album will be more different, both in terms of sound and feel of the music.

"It's definitely different from the previous one.'s All changed, whether the sound of the recording, and we are also influenced by reggae on this album," explains Karen.

Karen O, Nick Zinner and Brian Chase promises that the material on the album Mosquito will be more vibrant and cheerful.


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