Thursday, 28 February 2013

CEO Yahoo Satire Via Twitter

W-News | CEO Yahoo Satire Via Twitter | Leadership Yahoo boss, Marissa Mayer, got a satire on Twitter. Like what?

As quoted from Mashable, Yahoo CEO leadership Marissa Mayer raises many contradictions, one of which is to remove the option for employees to work from home.

Yahoo has recently come under attack from the internet in the form of satire from anonymous Twitter account.

Account named 'Yahoo! HR ' chirp sends various allusions to the Yahoo.

"Starting Friday, we ask all employees to call our CEO as 'Your Excellency'," wrote an account called @ _YahooHR.

"Yahoo believes in the culture of hard work and focus, please do not be too much of a smile," they added.

Account @ _YahooHR itself has not spread widely, because until the time of writing, they just recently got 360 followers only.


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