Sunday, 24 February 2013

Recognition Of Soeharto About Mysterious Gunman

W-News | Recognition Of Soeharto About Mysterious Gunman | Increasingly widespread thuggery action occurs post-Reformation. Bak land of cowboys, often appearing clashes between groups of thugs.

One example is the clash between men and men Hercules John Kei in on Jl Raya Kamal, Cengkareng, West Jakarta, Wednesday (29/8) yesterday. Triggered an uproar over the seizure of land.

Once, when President Suharto in power, thuggery action was rife in the 1980's. At that time, city dwellers anxious when traveling out of the house.

Therefore, the thugs then boldly squeezing and commit crimes to citizens. Stifling the action of the thugs, the New Order was then instructed doing a security sweep to root out the thugs.

Before long, the bodies of the thugs often found dead under mysterious circumstances by shooting. The legend says that thousands of men who allegedly tattooed thug was shot.

Although authorities initially denied having ordered the shooting, President Soeharto finally admitted to the firm action against the perpetrators of violence should be done as a treatment therapy.

Former Reserve Command was even declared, decisive action by being shot like it or not to be done to the perpetrators of the crime against.

"Then there's the abandoned corpse. Was to shock therapy, shock therapy. So that people understand that the misconduct could still act and cope. Act was done in order to quell all the crime that goes beyond the limits of humanity that. Then later ceased disgusting crimes, "he said in his autobiography Soeharto thoughts, words and actions I as disclosed to: G. Dwipayana and Ramadhan KH publications PT Citra Lamtoro Gung Persada, 1988. It is told in the chapter "The Called Peter and the Death Penalty."

Although the security operation was relatively crude, thuggish actions in Jakarta when it tends to decrease. In fact, not a few people who support the eradication thug.

People who previously scared out of the house, re-run its activities without fear of the thugs harassed.


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