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Inggit Garnasih, Women Who Conquered Soekarno Young Hearts

W-News | Inggit Garnasih, Women Who Conquered Young Soekarno Hearts | End of June 1921, the young Sukarno came from Surabaya after graduating Hoogere Burger School (HBS). With the big dreams he wanted to be an engineer in the field of civil engineering. Soekarno then continue studying at Technische Hoogeschool te Bandoeng. At that indigenous engineering students still itungan finger.

By means Tjokroaminoto, teachers and law, Sukarno received a boarding home Sanusi. Middle-aged men are members Sarikat Islam. Inggit Garnasih is Sanusi's wife, who is now a mother kos Sukarno.

Sukarno had admired Inggit since first sight. He never forgot when Inggit greeted him at the door Jl Ciateul, Bandung.

"Luck who was standing at the main entrance is framed in a dark half circle of light from behind. She has a small body, with a striking red flower in her bun and a dazzling smile. Sanusi She was the wife of Haji, Inggit Garnasih. Oh This remarkable woman, "he said in his biography written Soekarno Cindy Adams.

At the age of 20 years Soekarno. While Inggit 33 years. Maturity Inggit makes Soekarno fascinated.

Sukarno was at that time married to Oetari Tjokroaminoto, but bland marriage work. Oetari too childish for a vibrant Sukarno. Sukarno had never loved him. He married Oetari to help teachers Tjokroaminoto. Not because of love.

Inggit was impressed with the first meeting. "He wore a black velvet cap white pride and white clothes. Moderately height. Ganteng. Youngster who primp, elegant." Inggit word in the novel I'll walk to the gates biography written Ramadhan KH.

Inggit serve all the needs of Sukarno. Every day meet to make them dare to talk things personal. Sukarno told about marriage bland. Finally Sukarno know, Inggit was not happy with her marriage.

Every night Inggit Sanusi left to go play pool and hanging out with his friends. Inggit marriage was the same as Soekarno, is equally bland.

Oetari had lived in a rooming house. But not for long. While at the boarding house, Oetari was not only one room with Sukarno. Sukarno eventually divorced Oetari.

So Inggit a loyal friend to confide Sukarno. In Inggitlah, Soekarno spill all grievances and aspirations. The nights are cold in London brought them together. Finally, this relationship lasts far beyond their children boarding and landlord.

"Just Inggit and me in the quiet house. She was lonely, I'm lonely. His marriage is not true., And marriage is not true., And, as can be expected. Relationship is evolving," said Soekarno.

Sukarno and Inggit establish clandestine romance behind Haji Sanusi. Until finally Soekarno bluntly asking Sanusi Inggit divorce. Sanusi had known household mess. He willingly divorcing Inggit.

Soekarno then married Inggit 1923. Later, nearly 20 years Inggit accompany Sukarno both joy and sorrow. Inggit accompany Sukarno when discarded in Flores, exiled to Bengkulu and jailed colonial government. Inggit also sacrificed his possessions to struggle Sukarno selfless. You could say, is a woman Inggit most meritorious to Sukarno.


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