Tuesday, 26 February 2013

W-News | Stephen Frears, Strong Candidate Of Director Biopik Freddie Mercury | Directed by Stephen Frears be a strong candidate to direct biopik legendary Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury. When will Frears who sat in the director's chair, he will direct Sacha Baron Cohen who plays Queen frontman.

Stephen Frears, Strong Candidate Of Director Biopik Freddie Mercury

According to one source who revealed to Variety, Frears has become the primary choice studio although many names have been entered into the list as desired.

The story in the film later will highlight the career band Queen during their golden age, in the 1970's and 1980's and Freddie's death will not highlight in 1991. The scriptwriter Peter Morgan did not want to make a highlight film about Freddie sick because of AIDS. Conflicting relationship between Freddie and his band mates are going to find.

The producer of this film has approved the use of hit songs in the film Queen later. This news is exciting because for the first time the Queen is still alive personnel allow their songs used in a movie about them.

Although until now, the project is not yet titled biopik, one producer, Graham King divulge possibility is the title that will be used MERCURY.


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