Monday, 11 February 2013

Will It Be Lots Of Goals In The Bernabeu ?

W-News | Will It Be Lots Of Goals In The Bernabeu ? | The majority of the meeting with Manchester United Real Madrid decorated with lots of goals is created. At the Santiago Bernabeu this midweek, sharp front line on both sides allowing repeated tradition.

In the Champions League, Madrid and Manchester United so far have faced each other eight times. Of this amount while Real Madrid edged by grabbing three wins, while the MU can two wins, the other three ending with a draw.

Of the eight meeting, only two games ended with a bit of goals is created. It happened in the second leg quarterfinal season 1999/2000 (0-0) and in the semi-finals of the season 1967/1968 (1-0 to MU). While the rest in six other games, there are at least four goals in every game created. Including them in the quarterfinal clash last season 2002/2003.

When that Madrid 3-1 at the Santiago Bernabeu, while during a match at Old Trafford Manchester United were winning 4-3 turns. The results of both games make Real Madrid qualified for the semifinals with a 5-6 aggregate advantage.

Thursday (02/14/2013) pm dawn meeting Madrid vs Manchester United back potentially generate a lot of goals, it is related to the productivity of Los Merengues in The Red Devils are very high in this season.

Although qualified for 16 of the state runner-up, Madrid is the club with the highest number of goals in the group phase. The number of 15 goals that they lesakkan can only equaled by Bayern Munich. Meanwhile, although 'only' make nine goals in the group stage, Manchester United have flashy stats in the Premier League with a total of 62 goals have made from 26 matches.

Both teams also have a master goal-getter on the front lines. The host will obviously rely on Cristiano Ronaldo this season has made 36 goals from 35 games in all competitions, while Manchester United will rely on Robin van Persie after he scored 23 goals from 31 matches.

Meetings Statistics Real Madrid and Manchester United in the Champions League

Semifinal 1956/1957
Leg I Real Madrid 3-1 Manchester United
Leg II Manchester United 2-2 Real Madrid
- Madrid escaped with a 5-3 aggregate advantage

Semifinal 1967/1968
Manchester United's 1-0 first leg of Real Madrid
Leg II Real Madrid 3-3 Manchester United
- MU lolod with a 4-3 aggregate advantage

Quarterfinals 1999/2000
Real Madrid first leg 0-0 Manchester United
Leg II Manchester United 2-3 Real Madrid
- Madrid escaped with a 3-2 aggregate advantage

Quarterfinals 2002/2003
Leg I Real Madrid 3-1 Manchester United
Leg II Mancester United 4-3 Real Madrid
- Madrid escaped with a 6-5 aggregate advantage


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