Sunday, 24 February 2013

Vatican Denies Pope's Resignation Due To Scandal

W-News | Vatican Denies Pope's Resignation Due To Scandal | The Holy See Vatican yesterday denounced the Italian media has authored a variety of reports related intrigue, corruption, and extortion, related to the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. The Vatican called the move is a move to shake up the implementation of the Conclave or the election of a new Pope Benedict XVI's successor next month.

Aljazeera television station reported on Saturday (23/2), the Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, yesterday denied the rumors, misinformation, and sometimes slanderous, relating to investigations conducted last year Cardinal committees related secret documents leaked Pope.

"There are people who want to take advantage of this moment to spread chaos and distrust of the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican administration," said Lombardi.

More recently, the Panorama and the tabloid newspaper La Repubblica wrote, Pope Benedict XVI's decision to resign from his post due to be triggered by a confidential report made ​​by the three cardinal.

La Repubblica wrote on December 17 last year, the Pope received a number of reports from the three cardinal files assigned to investigate information leak scandal the Vatican. On the same day the Pope then took the decision to resign.

According to La Repubblica, the document file that contains nearly 300 pages of red rope tied and kept in the papal apartments and will be submitted to the next elected pope.


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