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Haj Repeatedly Satan Worshiper ?

W-News | Haj Repeatedly Satan Worshiper ? | Not just moved to shopping centers, upscale berumrah infatuated during Ramadan until translucent Lebaran, even worship that has repeatedly acted. According to Priest Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta, Ali Mustafa Yaqub, Prophet Muhammad never cite it. He asserted alternating pilgrimage and berumrah is one product of consumerism lunches worship.

Here the narrative Ali Mustafa Yaqub when found Islahuddin of in his house, behind the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, Jakarta, Thursday (16/8) afternoon.

What mosque compete with malls in Jakarta?

I do not know the word compete. Clearly, the mall managed to suck a lot of worshipers to the mosque a lot to the mall. Moreover, there is a strip mall in front of the mosque, as well. This is not because malnya. This is because of the consumer. Behavior that makes people more to the mall than to the mosque.

For sociologists, behavioral change is very interesting to study. Even worse, it was all wrapped up consumerism in the form of worship. Suppose the shape Umrah during Ramadan. In 2009, there were 3.6 million people umrah to Mecca. Now maybe about four million people. Of that amount, if a person is charged two thousand dollars, the amount of money there are eight billion.

The amount is just wasted on things not mandatory and it is never exemplified by the Prophet. If it was mandatory may be reasonable, so that once exemplified by Rasullah, it does not matter. Prophet exemplifies just never go for Umrah during Ramadan. I also do not know how to shift it up to be first infak umrah during Ramadan.

Now many mosques include creating brochures Ramadan Umrah Ramadan as an act of worship. And Umrah was nothing to do with Ramadan. Outside of Ramadan may like it. But put amaliyah Ramadan Umrah as it already has another purpose. Perhaps mosque officials to recruit worshipers so he could be free to it. This shifting slowly, imperceptibly.

Like what the role of scholars in this regard?

Scholars have become victims of consumerism as clerical did not want to learn the traditions, how the behavior of the Prophet in Ramadan. So the important pleasure of going to Mecca. How not happy, he and his wife could be free if many pilgrims. How happy did not like it. Then the congregation persuaded to go umrah during Ramadan.

What about the example of the clergy?

Who exemplified that he never read the hadith the prophet behavior. Never read the hadith and syirah. That's barriers and eventually he became a victim of consumerism, even involved make consumerism.

Are there any side finished discussing this Ramadan?

To my knowledge there has never been. Who wants to evaluate. I'm not sure there. That talk like this there is no other than me. I wish we got back we should follow the example of the prophet behavior. How to pray during Ramadan, not indulgence in lust like that. In addition, for infaknya be encouraged during Ramadan. In another month he was generous, he was even pictured charity during Ramadan is like a strong wind. If it's not, Muslims prefer to Umrah during Ramadan.

Perhaps the Umrah during Ramadan is to feel calm his mind?

Not the peace of mind, but an inner joy. If serenity could qiyamul Lail at Istiqlal mosque in the nights last ten days of Ramadan. Let you read Reuters yesterday there were people take part and get peace. Not even to Mecca. It does not get peace, but a pleasure.

So is needed now are scholars can provide exemplary. The source of ideals that, yes follow the behavior of the Prophet. If now follow the behavior of lust and ironic that in the month of Ramadan. Properly restrain desire, even lust indulgence.

When I visited the mosque Sunda Kelapa in Ramadan, someone approached me and said, "Sir Ustad, I just returned from Mecca." I immediately replied, "I did not ask." Thought to Mecca during Ramadan was nice. If it's good, Allah will cite it. If you need each day will umrah, if it's good. Apostle exemplified precisely berinfak as much. Until then infak was deflected into consumer behavior. Finally prominent consumptive, not infaknya.

The decline in generosity is what also influenced by the country's economic decline?

If it is used as a parameter maybe people will not flock Umrah. You try to ask to the Embassy of Saudi Arabia during Ramadan Umrah from Indonesia how many people? Embassy of Saudi Arabia issued a visa for sure before Ramadan. If outside of Ramadan I was once told about 7,500 people on average. That's the number of Umrah given a passport stamp

If economic factors matter, certainly not much to go umrah. These factors worship wrapped consumerism.

Why is it uncommon to hear?

I sometimes much criticized. I wrote a book Haji Servant of Satan, meant for the pilgrimage again. It was his intention follow anyone, while the condition of the country is still sinking. Indonesia indicators that follow the UN, there are still 117 million poor people. The Prophet said, "Do not believe in the full stomach at night, while neighbors starve." How many millions of Indonesian people are still starving.

I ask the cleric-cleric who recommends re Hajj or Umrah it. Can not answer, instead he was late in the flow of consumerism. Seeing this, we need a moral revolution. I sometimes feel alone in telling you this. I often say that repeated pilgrimage loss. I say that many people resisted and said, "Haj really lose."

Just compare it to infak cost as much. And later it was obvious reward, heaven with the prophet. We sympathize orphans, bail heaven with the prophet in one complex. Try pilgrimage, that if Mabrur. It was paradise steerage, economy class.

It's more to the pilgrimage again. In my opinion, it is problematic, as there are many obligations. The obligation is not only worship, social obligations too many. But pretending to be blind.

Who to follow for haj again. Where there any verse of the Qur'an and hadith hajj re-ordered, while others are still many social obligations. Want to follow the Prophet, mentioned hadith which states that there is no, then you just follow the promptings and desires. Even so there are many reasons, some say still not satisfied. I said a million times you pilgrimage, still you are not satisfied. Satan is the entry from there really. Some say still not perfect, on and on pilgrimage. That's why it is called a devil worshiper pilgrimage.

At first hearing it, many are opposed, but after reading and understanding what I mean, many are supported. Opinion was the first time I wrote in the magazine Gatra. There Kiai from East Java, given a person to read it and commented, "This is what the fuck, Hajj devil worshipers." Same guy who gave opinions that were told to read my book about it", he said, "Mr. Kiai, commented later after reading this book." After reading the book, she immediately said, "This is what I was looking for, let's copied a hundred, for the clerics in East Java."

This I observed not only in Indonesia, as well as across the country that there is Muslim population. In America, too. In 2007 I was in America, there is full television advertising Umrah and Hajj, there is even a special newspaper distributed free advertising. The newspaper, full of advertising, especially advertising Hajj and Umrah. That is being investigated Walter Armbrust, it happens not only in Muslim countries, but in countries that anyone Islam. It was very intense.

It should also be a source of prosperity mosque for the poor?

Maybe it's there, but the amount is very small. Most were fed meal and break the fast, it was a little. But to solve their poverty was no such program.


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