Thursday, 21 February 2013

Facility Number One Just For The Government !, Not For The Poor !

W-News | Number One Facility Just For The Government !, Not For The Poor ! | Second grandson of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), Airlangga Satriadhi Yudhoyono abnormalities in the gut so it had to undergo surgery at Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM). With treatment at government-owned hospitals, the surgical equipment is prepared is sufficient.

"His condition is quite good. In addition we are grateful because experts do that pediatric surgery and anesthesia, sufficient crockery in RSCM, "said Health Minister Nafsiah Mboi at the State Palace, Jakarta, Tuesday (19/2) yesterday.

In a time not far adrift, a little baby, Nur Aini Dera died because of not getting care, after being rejected by 10 hospitals, including the RSCM.

Health Minister denies Nafsiah Mboi picky hospital treating patients. He also denied any treatment differ between the Dera Nur Anggraini Airlangga. Therefore, there is a prohibition of the statute to accept patients of any group.

"Well is not well," he replied when asked about differences in handling and Dera Airlangga.

He said there RSCM still under renovation at once amid perceived lack of complementary infrastructure. "In addition to completing the RSCM, we must have a network that does not rely on a single hospital. But all the hospitals, " he concluded.

RSCM party claimed not to have a lot of incubator or NICU, so when parents Dera to RSCM, the hospital refused because the appliance is full.

"He came here, position the tool 10 is full, while the other patients there who ngantre," said Director of RSCM Akmal Taher when contacted in Jakarta, Monday (18/2) then.

He added that the Dera's father, Elias Setya Nugroho enroll her daughter, Nur Dera Anggraini, at RSCM finished last. Meanwhile, the number of lines to six people.

"There are 6 lines," said Taher.

While still alive, Dera Nur Anggraini to have surgery. Place of birth hospital Dera, Zahira, unable to do much because of lack of medical equipment.

After that, parents Dera, Elias Setya Nugroho immediately tried to find a hospital referral. The first hospital are intended Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) in Jakarta.

First time list, which does not have a card Elias Jakarta Health (KJS) only get answers that filled the hospital room. At that time only took Elias National Identity Card (ID) and Family Card (KK).

Elias just asked to return to the RSCM next day. Since it was late at that time, Elias finally decided to keep waiting at the hospital and chose to sleep in the hospital parking lot.

"I got nginep in RSCM. But the morning to get there again, the answer is still filled room, " said Elias told the, Monday (18/2).

Later, Elias went to another hospital. The second objective is Harapan Kita Hospital. The answer was no less painful. Equally rejected.

Elias also to several other hospitals such as RS Fatmawati, but the results are nil.

Because not go get help, Dera died on Saturday (16/2) then. Tiny baby was experiencing pain on breathing because it never had the surgery and eventually died.


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