Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bankrupt THQ, WWE Smackdown! Tilled Take-Two

W-News | Bankrupt THQ, WWE Smackdown! Tilled Take-Two | It did not take long for WWE SmackDown! for fishing success. Physical fighting game comes first in the PlayStation console is able to offer acts of theatrical-style wrestling bout America.

Unfortunately, since financial problems plagued the publisher, THQ, following on from this game as just so wishful thinking for the audience. Until finally, Take-Two Interactive purchased a manufacturing license of the game.

By licensing this game, fans will certainly hope the presence of the latest series of WWE SmackDown! wide open. Even my town who reportedly quoted on Sunday (17/02/2013), Take-Two had to pick a number of former longtime staff to develop a series of THQ's latest WWE.

But of course, the latest WWE game series will not be present in the near future, given his last series titled WWE '13 and launched late 2012. But at least, the WWE games fans can breathe because his favorite game was to be made a sequel series.


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