Saturday, 23 February 2013

Muse Borrow Money From Prince Charles?

W-News | Muse Borrow Money From Prince Charles ? | As a big band in the world, Muse was never borrow money to Prince Charles sebesear Rp3 million. What's the story?

Dominic Howard who filled the position as drummer said that Muse never borrowed money to charity that is engaged in giving out aid to young children English.
Muse who borrow $ 250 or equivalent to Rp 3 million to the Foundation Prince's Trust, is planning to buy a sound system.

"We bought the first sound system of cash loans. Fact, these tools are we using, but probably only a wedding," said Howard.

"So, we can conclude that we meminja money to Prince Charles," added Howard, laughing.

Citing news from DigitalSpy, Prince Charles' Prince's Trust established the foundation in order to provide assistance to young children English. They explain this joke during the interview session in the evening awards Brit Awards.


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