Tuesday, 12 February 2013

North Korea Warns : It's Only A Test Early Stage

W-News | North Korea Warns : It's Only A Test Early Stage | Do not stop just on new nuclear test, North Korea also warned that a test on Tuesday (12/2) is 'first step'. North Korea also confirmed there would be stronger if the action continues faced with tougher sanctions.

"Our latest test nuclear is the first action, the trial we conducted the exercise as well as possible as a form of restraint," said the North Korean foreign minister said in remarks reported by the official news agency

"If the United States continues to complicate the situation by continuing to be hostile, we have no other choice than the second or third action is harder," he said without specifying in more detail what is meant tougher action.

The statement that came out a few hours after the head of South Korea's intelligence agency warned that Pyongyang likely nuclear test or missile launching again in a few days or weeks.


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