Monday, 11 February 2013

W-News | Burger With Bison Meat ! | Burger usually served with beef stuffing. But have you ever tasted bison burger meat? Yes, a burger restaurant, The Counter this week said if the bison meat burger stuffing could be an option.

Initially they consider new types of meat as a variant of the menu. The choice fell on the so-called bison meat has a high protein content. Even in the culinary world sheep meat is becoming a trend, but the company still chose bison meat for something different.

They are optimistic that bison burgers will be able to compete with the popularity of the lamb burger. "Bison has been a fan favorite choice of meat. Guests can now order the bison burger every day," said Andrew Evans, director of The Counter. "Meat is made from bison bison are 100 percent certified organic grass and taking antibiotics and hormone-free," he added as quoted by the Huffington Post.

Bison actually had a burger menu options in several upscale bars in New York, Arizona, San Francisco, and Texas. Usually these burgers are served with blue cheese, hot sauce, apples and smoked bacon.


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