Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Rare Single Freddie Mercury And Michael Jackson

W-News | Rare Single Freddie Mercury And Michael Jackson | After so long, finally a treasure trove of two celebrities were uncovered. A single duet of two legendary singer, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury appear in a documentary about the life of Queen frontman last.

Song titled There Must Be More To Life Than This appeared in the documentary The Great Pretender aired by the BBC earlier this week. Unfortunately the show is only aired in the UK alone.

The film also raises rare footage when Freddie collaborated with Rod Stewart for a song demo titled Take Another Piece of My Heart. The song was created in 1984 in never been released before.

For Queen fans in other countries, this show will certainly envy. But this show will reportedly also be included in the Queen documentary is scheduled to be released in 1984.


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