Monday, 18 February 2013

After Meteor Hit Russia, A Fire Ball Falling In California

W-News | After Meteor Hit Russia, A Fire Ball Falling In California | Yet the news about the missing meteorite that fell in the Chelybinsk, in the Ural Mountains, about 1,500 kilometers east of the capital Moscow on February 15, now one more meteors fall to earth.

On 15 February, a meteor fall on Russian territory. Reportedly, there were hundreds of people were injured by falling meteors. Not a long wait, a meteor fell and caught on amateur camera.

As reported (17/02), someone managed to record the fall of a meteor fireball estimated by mistake. In the tape, it does not sound like a sound or explosion in Russia shortly after the meteor fell.

Fireball is initially large and then shrink and disappear. An Operations Manager at the American Meteor Society, Pennsylvania State University, Mike Hankey, said the light was photographed just regular fireball.

"It was just a ball of fire that always happens every night around the world. Want to hunt down news media eventually linked with the emergence of a fireball meteor," said Mike told the Associated Press (16/02).

Jonathan Braidman, co Mike, adding that the fireball was likely a fraction of a large meteor burning after passing through the Earth's atmosphere.

United States is one country that is often 'visited' by asteroids and meteorites. At the end of the year 2012 yesterday as well there is a meteorite fragments that fell and hit the roof of the house.

Until now, there has been no further explanation or inquiry is also expected around fireball meteor in California.


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