Monday, 11 February 2013

Toby Jones Back To Present At Captain America 2

W-News | Toby Jones Back To Present At Captain America 2 | Hollywood actor Toby Jones confirmed that it will be back to take part in Captain America 2.

Starring Armin Zola in Captain America: First Avengers, Toby Jones, admitted will return to play the character in Captain America 2. When asked HeyUGuys, Toby Jones says, "It looks like it's still a job".

In the Golden Globes were recently held, Toby Jones also reiterated the same statement that will return in Captain America 2.

Quoting from DigitalSpy, besides Toby Jones, other actors confirmed for continuation in Captain America 2 is Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Samuel L. Jackson.

Arnim Zola are the mortal enemy of Captain America HYDRA is a scientist who works for Red Skull where the form of the physical form of the robot and utilize its power to control the world.


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