Thursday, 28 February 2013

Stone Swiped, Gorilla Glass Lost Landslide Of Safir

W-News | Stone Swiped, Gorilla Glass Lost Landslide Of Safir | The existence of Gorilla Glass screen seems to be faltering after emergence Safir. Just imagine, when swiped-string with a stone, sapphire screen is smooth with no scratches at all.

GT Advanced - the company behind the Safir - did want to give a solution to the customer complaints that are often complaints about the screen gadget scratch (scratched).

As reported by Digital Trends, part of GT Advanced trial demonstrating the strength of the material used in hard Safir when swiped with a coarse material like stone.

And as mentioned above, the screen remains smooth Safir, including when innovation is embedded in the iPhone 5. Unlike the Gorilla Glass screen which is also a benchmark in order, which is so easily scratched when swiped with a rock.

Pembesut Safir said that the price that must be redeemed to embed their anti-scratch screen on a smartphone product valued at about U.S. $ 15, which is more expensive than Gorilla Glass with only about $ 5.

Pembesutnya further said, although expensive but it offers sapphire material has much better resistance than Gorilla Glass.

"Anything as good as Gorilla Glass is still glass that can be broken, in contrast to sapphire, although the user's cell phone fell from a height and destroyed, but the sapphire is embedded will not scratch," says Dan Squiller GT Advanced booth location at the event Mobile World Congress 2013.

At Mobile World Congress 2013 event this time attempting to obtain the true GT Advanced mobile phone manufacturers to consider the use of screens made of sapphire on besutannya product which is still dominated by Gorilla Glass.

Quoted from Digitaltrends, Thursday (28/02/2013), the current products of the new Android-based smartphone to apply the material on the screen is sapphire Vertu T1 that is valued by the manufacturer for $ 11 thousand, or approximately USD 100 million.

Here's a video demo Safir toughness as reported by Digital Trends:


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