Saturday, 9 February 2013

8 Sweetest To Apologize

W-News | 8 Sweetest To Apologize | So sorry it should be conveyed through words. But there were many other sweet way to say sorry. Like what? Listen more, as quoted from the All Women Stalk following.


If you find it hard to say sorry in words, simply make a cake on it that read, "I'm sorry." It's not just going to melt her heart, but he will love you more for having made a delicious cake.

Stress reliever

Have a water spray toys? Try to borrow the same sister. You can leave it as a toy and sliding message sorry the article that he could chase you down while squirting water at will. How to apologize once this stress reliever will make a couple of mistakes soon forget you.

Funny Poems

Make funny poems in rhyme the same as apologize. When read, the couple would have laughed and thought it was ridiculous. But you also immediately forgiven for having tried to apologize in a funny way.

Kissed many times

Kiss and hug family many times and do not stop until you forgive him. Tickling can also be done so that the pair soon give up and forget about the little mistakes you have made.

Eyes pleading

There's a reason why the eyes of a puppy or kitten so the weld so you often yield with things like that. So try to imitate the pose of pleading eyes like a puppy while uttering the word sorry. He also surely melt and immediately forgive you.

Funny costumes

Use funny costumes such as used clothing apologize Halloween lovers. Funny costume would make him laugh, just like funny poems, so you'll soon be forgiven by him.

Installing wallpaper

If you have access to a computer, laptop, or mobile phone partner, change the wallpaper on their gadgets with background images you are saying sorry. When the couple opened it, he will know that you're trying to apologize to him.


Create a video and then upload it on YouTube when I want to apologize. How sweet this one is a little tough to take some effort. But the pair will definitely appreciate it and immediately forgive you.

That sweet ways you can do to apologize. Ever tried one of them?


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