Thursday, 21 February 2013

Arab man Claims To Be A Prophet In Front Of Hundreds Of People

W-News | Arab man Claims To Be A Prophet In Front Of Hundreds Of People | Saudi police recently arrested an Arab man was not named. He must feel the cold jail cell after claiming to be a prophet to the congregation was praying.

Site reported on Thursday (21/2), the incident took place when hundreds of people had just finished prayers at Masjid Umar bin Al-Khattab in the City Nuairiya. At that time, he went up the pulpit and took the loudspeakers.

"I was a prophet sent by God to all of you," he shouted, as quoted by the newspaper Alyoum.

Alyoum wrote, the church members who heard the words she was shocked and immediately arrest him. They also shut down the mosque loudspeakers.

The congregation were angry then called the police. He was finally arrested.

In September last year, a Saudi man has also been claimed to be God to eight men. Unidentified man was a new manager at a shopping center in the port city of Jeddah.

This man said that he was worthy of worship while giving instructions to subordinates. "He was then ordered his men to obey and carry out orders because he was their God," the Arabic-language newspaper, news.

Of course, employees do not receive. They then reported her to the police boss sharia. The authorities finally apprehended false God.

Saudi Islamic police then arrested the man after receiving reports from all eight of his men. This arrogant man will stand trial on a charge of claiming to be God. Eight of his men would be a witness in the case. But there is no explanation about the threat of punishment he will receive.

Islam teaches God should not be second best. Allah has said, the greatest sin and will not be forgiven is associating partners with Him. Moreover, to boldly confess the Lord.


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