Saturday, 23 February 2013

Internal Conflict, Slayer Drummer Cancel The Tour

W-News | Internal Conflict, Slayer Drummer Cancel The Tour | Due to internal conflicts, Dave Lombardo drum filling positions in the band Slayer, come off a tour of Australia.

Slayer will be performing in Australia minus the drummer, Dave Lombardo. This is due to internal conflicts in the band Slayer.

In addition to its internal conflict, Lombardo also reportedly experiencing financial crisis.

As the founder of Slayer, Lombardo was saddened by the decision. In the official account of Facebook, Lombardo wrote, "I apologize to all our fans in Australia who have bought tickets but could not see us with full force. Honestly, I was saddened and shocked by all this,".

"Kerry has to make sure that it will attract another drummer to replace the temporary position," added Lombardo.

Citing news from NME, this event is known as Valentine's Day is underway, February 14. At that time, Lombardo who arrived at the studio at 1 pm local practice, did not encounter other personnel.

But five hours later, Lombardo got an email from a lawyer that he was temporarily replaced by former drummer of Slayer, who is playing with Anthrax, Jon dette.


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