Thursday, 28 February 2013

Indonesia flag fluttering in the Vatican

W-News | Indonesia Flag Fluttering In The Vatican | There is a unique view of the current Pope Benedict XVI held his last mass in St. Peter's Square, the Vatican, and the day after tomorrow. A photo from the Reuters news agency showed the Red-White flag fluttering in Indonesia saying it.

According to the Indonesian Ambassador to the Vatican Budiarman sight was common and allowed. In addition to the flag of Indonesia, many waving flags of other countries as well. In addition to the flag, pilgrims also carry banners containing the Pope's support. "The atmosphere is very lively and emotional," he said when contacted by reporters Budiarman, Thursday (28/2).

Indeed yesterday's event was not a mass but fixed schedule Vatican Pope to greet visitors. "Benedict XVI has two days a week to greet the Catholics who came to the Vatican Wednesday and Sunday. Yet today all important moment for his resignation," said the ambassador's office since last year.

There is something out of the ordinary when the Pope met the pilgrims. The man's real name Joseph Ratzinger was actually just say hi in the windows of the church, but this time he toured with a special car and greeted about 150 thousand Catholics coming from various directions. Atmosphere was so touched even the Pope had kissed a baby and give blessings to the little boy.

Before resigning Benedict XVI also gave a message to the government of Indonesia to pay attention to education, especially for the poor. "He said all children should receive education because that future supplies. Country will be ruled by the young people. Provide them with intelligence as a form of government responsibility," said the Pope quoting Budiarman when he met with the leaders of the Holy See that.

Furthermore, Benedict XVI praised the diversity of religions in Indonesia and could apply harmony. "It must be maintained," explains Budiarman.


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