Monday, 11 February 2013

Giant Cake Shaped Lady Gaga Like

W-News | Giant Cake Shaped Lady Gaga Like | One fan of Lady Gaga in the United States (U.S.), Jay Murphy, showed his love for his idol through a unique way. As reported pages Shine, Murphy made ​​cakes shaped weighing 81.6 kilograms Lady Gaga.

This is accomplished pastry shop owner Kick Ass Kakes in order to welcome Gaga to Phoenix. Making cakes began with planning for over two weeks. After that, Murphy designing a cake inspired by the appearance of Gaga while performing in Tokyo, in 2010.

In order to remain upright and stable cake, Murphy was using a plank of wood in the middle of the cake. After that, Murphy covered the cake with icing weighing 18.1 kilograms.

Furthermore, he made Gaga outfit and decorate it with silver sugar balls. Murphy Gaga cake complete with a 15.2 centimeter-high platform shoes are synonymous with the singer. As for Gaga's tall cake itself is 174.4 centimeters.

The hardest part is to be done face Murphy. He had to bake three times as hard to carve. Once completed, Murphy paint the hair, skin, and lace with food coloring. He also did not forget to add a touch of make-up on the face.


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