Thursday, 28 February 2013

Now It's Time To Show Off Firefox OS

W-News | Now It's Time To Show Off Firefox OS | Mozilla was surprising world telecommunications industry by releasing a platform for smart devices today. Even so, there is still much work that must be completed if they want to be serious in this world.

As reported by Forbes (25/2), the arrival of Firefox OS does provide an additional alternative in the midst of the competition for the best smartphone software on the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, to Blackberry. In fact, not half-hearted, the arrival of Firefox OS has also been backed by 18 world-class cellular provider.

The analyst also thinks that the appreciation is achieved by Firefox is also very good OS than Symbian and Android in the initial release. "Neither Symbian nor Android comes close to achieving what cellular provider support obtained by Forefox," said Tony Cripps, an analyst with Ovum.

Even so, can the Firefox OS to compete in this world? "After seeing the demonstration, we assess they still require businesses to achieve market expectations," said Cripps.

From the handset demonstrated yesterday, Mozilla seems to really target class and low cost entry level smartphone. It is apparent from the ranks of manufacturers who confirmed to use this platform such as LG Electronics, Alcatel One Touch, and ZTE.

Indeed, the market is rarely targeted by the smartphone manufacturers so that the chances were very great. Only, Mozilla should not forget Nokia (Windows Phone) with a range of Asha Touch and Samsung (Android) with a range of Red who also perform penetration in the region.

Another analyst from Forrester Research, Thomas Husson, also agreed with what was said Cripps. According to Husson, support from the cellular provider is not enough for Mozilla competing with big players like iOS and Android.


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