Monday, 11 February 2013

Easy Ways To Make Pancakes With Automatic Machine

W-News | Easy Ways To Make Pancakes With Automatic Machine | Pancakes in America and Europe is one dish that used to enjoy in the morning. In Indonesia, many restaurants serving pancakes with various toppings with thereon. Toppings are provided with a variety of sweet and savory flavors.

Dishes are favored walks does look simple and easy to make. However, one measure of any materials can sometimes make it difficult for you now.

That is why, a company in the UK, The Happy Egg Co make pancake making machine in which the machine is capable of making pancakes from the beginning to the end automatically. As reported by the Huffington Post page, the machine is called Pancake-omatic had doubted could be sold commercially, but in reality to function properly.

The workings of the machine are displayed in the museum in London's design starts from chickens that lay eggs, and egg rolling spoons press play gramophone. The eggs are then spun into the container where the eggs were moved while broken into a bowl that already contains other ingredients.

Bowl already containing the mixture was stirred using a mixer. At the end of the process, which has been stirring pancake batter is poured into the pan and cooked for 30 seconds before being transferred to a serving plate.


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