Thursday, 7 February 2013

Thanks To Facebook, A Boy Become A Millionaire

W-News | Thanks To Facebook, A Boy Become A Millionaire | There is no effective way to ask someone to do something unless the lure of money. This is what a father to ask her not to access Facebook anymore.

As reported by Cnet (6/2), a 14-year-old girl could be a millionaire because of Facebook. This is because he has made a promise to his father from accessing Facebook in accordance with the agreed time.

Thanks To Facebook, A Boy Become A Millionaire

In a letter of agreement, both father and son are mutually signed agreement binds both. For the child, he had to close his Facebook account for 5 months and give full authority to the father on his Facebook username and password. While the father had to pay the sum of U.S. $ 200 or about USD 1.9 million if his son would do the deal.

The child also will certainly encounter various trials during dormancy on Facebook this. The temptation of her classmates, will undoubtedly be pressure for him in order to access facebook anymore.

However, it turns out that first made ​​the idea of ​​the agreement was the child himself. Suspected as bored with Facebook, the boy wants to exchange facebook account with some money from his father.

Bak tit for tat, father approved the idea. According to the father, Facebook is very dangerous for children. Especially if he is exposed to pictures or words not fit in this social networking.

Boredom is the child on Facebook is not without reason. A recent study also shows that more and more people are getting bored with social networking.


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