Monday, 7 January 2013

W-News | The First Webmaster In Indonesia | Probably not many who know pretty girl named Gita Cherry Prabhandhari complete this. Gita is the first and only aka the one and only! Indonesia webmaster people who worked in the office search engine giant Google.

Digital media enthusiasts girl was born in Indonesia, receive a scholarship to continue his graduate lectures at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Japan. Now, he works as a Search Quality Associate - Indonesian at the headquarters of Google in Dublin city Ireland. This Indonesian heroine who declare themselves as Google spam fighter!

The First Webmaster In Indonesia

So, for a hobby blogger this nyepam he nih ridges Google specifically for ngawasin spammers in Indonesia. Gita also are many worthy people help Kaspar Szymanski (Google Webspam Team) to answer questions from the bloggers Indonesia streak when google announced that "SEO contest in Indonesia Violating Google TOS" in March 2012 yesterday.

Sweet the master three languages: Indonesian, English and Japanese are in the field have spesalisasi Spam Investigation, Digital Media Planning, Web Analytics, Oral History, Social Research and Web Building. Later, as the department as a Search Quality Associate - Indonesian, the Gita has a number of tasks such as :

  • Monitor the quality of the site's content anniversary
  • Improving the quality of Google's search results by evaluating websites to identify areas of concern and interest
  • Work with engineering team to improve the quality of Google search
  • Develop and share practices for search quality research and analysis
  • Examine and analyze search quality issues in Google's index
  • Focus on the quality of Google search in Indonesia

Well it's her little buddy's profile on Google Webmaster Cherry Gita First from Indonesia. Make a wish to see more of or want to communicate with Gita please visit google plus account Gita Cherry and enter in your circle. As a blogger we should also proud that turns out there are a great webmaster from Indonesia.


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