Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Attack World Government, "Hacker" Also Steal Important An Data ?

W-News | Attack World Government, "Hacker" Also Steal Important An Data ? | Arrest Wildfire Yani Ashari, a young man from Jember, East Java, who secured the Criminal Investigation Police for allegedly hacking the official website of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, which is located at, elicit a reaction from the hacker who called himself "Anonymous Indonesia".

As a form of solidarity with the arrest of Wildfire, the hacker group perform a number of actions an attack on a site owned by the Government of Indonesia to the domain ".". A snide statements of law enforcement in Indonesia against hacking case was contained on the site

Hacking issue was also raised concerns that their actions are not confined matter deface or change the site's pages, but also lead to theft of data.

As stated by the owner of a Twitter account @bangaip_topdeh, sensitive data in state institutions who are victims of the attack could potentially leaked on the internet.

Twitter account is intensively "Twitter" since the attack government sites around early this morning.

According to the owner of the Twitter account, it has happened in the data e-mail and password multiple accounts owned by the Indonesian National Army in mid-2011 and then leaked through an online site pasting by the group Anonymous.

You can imagine what would happen if the data e-ID card belongs to the millions of citizens of Indonesia successfully stolen and circulated on the internet.

Crowded on the internet

Wildfire arrest and reactions caused by it immediately became a hot topic on Twitter. Discussion of this issue can be followed via hashtag #OpFreeWildan.

Some Twitter users protesting the assessed penalty is too heavy to follow "fad" by Wildfire. Others are concerned about security of government-owned sites that turned out to vulnerable burglarized hackers.

Wildfire the day-to-day work as a cafe guard faces 12 years in prison following a fine of Rp 12 billion. Youth vocational graduates is picked by Team Cyber ​​Crime Police on suspicion of hacking sites in President on 9 January.

Overseas media such as The Register and Tech In Asia already started to bring the news about the case to the international sphere.

Twitter account @YourAnonNews, which is known as the "mouthpiece" Anonymous group itself has yet issued any statement regarding the case and the reaction Wildfire hacking group calling itself "Anonymous Indonesia" is.


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