Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Solidarity Statement On Hacker SBY Site

W-News | Solidarity Statement On Hacker SBY Site  | Hacker or hacker group Anonymous launched a series of international leading an attack against a site owned by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to the domain "."​​. The attacks were carried out as a form of protest arrest of hackers official website of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) by Team Cyber ​​Crime Police Headquarters.

It was revealed from the statements contained in the Indonesian Anonymous site.

In a statement, Anonymous' actions were unfortunate Indonesian law enforcement officials who arrested a young man for the action of the President of Indonesia hacking sites.

Anonymous said, should the Government of Indonesia thanked the young man, later identified named Wildfire, for showing weakness in the system of the site.

"Are you going to know the weaknesses of the system on his website? And do you want if the website was compromised by a hacker who is not responsible for even the possibility of data could be lost, and what if the website were taken by foreign hands that are not from Indonesia?" Anonymous wrote in a statement.

In a closing statement, Anonymous also hope the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to listen to them.

"We live for nothing, we die for something", lid Anonymous.

Since Tuesday night until Wednesday morning, no fewer than seven domains has been disabled and partially in-deface alias replaced the display contains a warning message. These sites are already paralyzed include multiple sub-domains on the Commission website, BPS Embassy in Tashkent, Kemenhuk and Human Rights, Ministry of Social Affairs and Kemenparekraf, even

"Government of Indonesia, you can not arrest an idea NO ARMY CAN STOP U.S. # Anonymous # # FreeAnon OpFreeWildan," a statement on Twitter account, the hacker group, Tuesday (30/01/2013). Roughly means, "the Government of Indonesia, you can not handcuff a thought. None whatever forces that can stop us."


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