Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Samsung Show Off The Flexible Screen

W-News | Samsung Show Off The Flexible Screen | After a long rumored, Samsung finally dared to show off their first mobile phone prototypes that already use flexible screens. Smartphones can be bent, folded, so look quick.

The screen was worked out under the name Youm, the ranks of a flexible display that is being developed in Samsung, as quoted from cnet, Thursday (10/01/2013).

Unlike similar products that use glass, flexible displays use plastic proved to be folded. The display type is also diklam Samsung will not break when dropped.

In a video that was shown to the visitors of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013, Samsung showed how a smartphone with a flexible display, it can immediately be used as a tablet by simply dragging the screen to be larger.

Brian Berkeley, senior vice president of Samsung Display, believes that this technology could provide a new experience smartphone users. "It will change the way people interact with their gadgets, it creates a new ecosystem," he said.

Until now, the display device is still a concept, but not impossible if the commercial product will be available in the next few years.


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