Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Who's Behind the Anonymous Hacker Group Indonesia ?

W-News | Who's Behind the Anonymous Hacker Group Indonesia ? | This agi Homeland internet universe commotion with Indonesia Anonymous group action that could break down some government websites. This action is associated with detention Wildfire, hacker who hacked the site SBY.

Wildfire Yani Ashari, a 21 year old teenager, allegedly damaging access to the site by breaking into the ISP network Jatireja Network, one of the internet service provider's site owned by the president of Indonesia.

Wildfire arrest action some time ago and then trigger other movements performed by a group called Anonymous Indonesia. They also have a Twitter account named @anon_indonesia.

Since early this morning, Wednesday (01/30/2013), the group has carried out several attacks to government sites owned Kemenkumham, Kemenparekraf and Even Kominfo site reportedly was a victim of the action group.

Name Anonymous itself reminds Internet users with other foreign group Anonymous has hacked into some great sites such as Visa, Master Card, PayPal, and many more. This group also had success breaking into Sony's PlayStation Network networks.

But not always destructive, the group Anonymous has also contributed to build infrastructure in the Gaza border that digital communications where it is not broken. So what to do with the group Anonymous Indonesia?

"No," said one member of Anonymous.

"We are Anonymous Southeast Asia have not done anything or take any action against this Wildfire case. Because we think this is just a case where fame and hubris play," said a member who had infiltrated NASA's safety system.

If so, then who the Anonymous group claimed to Indonesia?

"Yes, that's Anonymous can be anyone, which obviously we have nothing to do with the group," added the veteran hacker who asked not to be identified.


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