Monday, 7 January 2013

W-News | Scientific Answer To The Mystery Of The Southern Coast Of Java | Wearing a certain color swimwear reportedly danger when swimming on the south coast of Java, might be taken men Ruler magical South Seas. This myth has grown since the first, so deeply rooted in public trust.

It appears many people often report drowned or swept away suddenly as attractive to the open sea. Beaches and attractions such as Harbour Queen Parangtritis so familiar with such a mysterious story.

Actually there is a scientific answer that could explain why it happened. Practitioners observe earth science Parangtritis coast for years, and finally it is likely that the main cause for the loss of a number of tourists in Parangtritis.

Scientific Answer To The Mystery Of The Southern Coast Of Java

Rip currents, which reverse flow which is the flow of water coming wave that hit the shore and back to the sea. Flows can be very powerful because it is usually the accumulation of the meeting of two or more waves to come. With speeds reaching 80 miles per hour, the reverse flow was not only strong, but also deadly.
Geospatial Laboratory Head Parangtritis I Nyoman Sukmantalya said, until now information about rip currents is minimal. As a result, people often associate the event was the loss of the victim on the south coast of Yogyakarta with things mystical.

"You can imagine the flow drag force behind several times more powerful than exposure to the waves came. Travelers who are not vigilant can be easily washed away, " said Nyoman.

Scientific Answer To The Mystery Of The Southern Coast Of Java

Unfortunately, the reverse flow occurs so quickly, even in a matter of seconds. The stream is also not just take place in one place, but alternated locations in accordance with the direction of the waves also adjust the direction of the breeze from the sea towards the land.

Nyoman continued, the victim easily swept away by being too far from the beach. When the victim is the reverse flow, unstable position will be easy because he does not trample the beach with great force. "Because the trail suddenly and could not hold on to anything, become easy victims panic and drown due to exhaustion," he continued.

While the staff Expert Centre for Disaster Studies, Gadjah Mada University, Djati Mardianto, resume, if the victim remained calm when swept away, most likely for him to get back to the surface. "Because the spin currents on the sea floor so that the material below can rise again," said Djati.

After the float, the victim could swim to shore, or let yourself slamming into shore by another wave coming. In any case, the victim has a chance to wave or shout for help.


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