Sunday, 13 January 2013

W-News | Rest In Peace " Aaron Swartz " | Name Aaron Swartz is not as famous as Mark Zuckerberg. However, at his young age, the name is pretty flashy Swartz true among the internet startup and practitioners.

He is listed as one of the founders of the site Reddit, the figure behind the creation of RSS content and is known for daring to fight for free on the internet for the public interest.

But tragically, Friday, when the United States, the 26-year youth died after he was found hanged in his apartment in Brooklyn, USA.

Swartz intelligence in the computer world arguably above average child his age. Because of the 'creative', he even blamed as the culprit of the theft of millions of scholarly journal archive renowned MIT campus computers.

Rest In Peace " Aaron Swartz "

"Aaron Swartz is always a surprise with new things that can change the flow of information throughout the world," said Susan Crawford, a professor from the School of Law in New York.

Michael Wolf, uncle Swartz, call if his nephew was indeed a genius. But he sometimes sees the world in terms of its logic. "Unfortunately, sometimes there are not in accordance with that logic. This is sometimes difficult," he said, quoted by the Dallas News.

Uncertainty as to what caused this young genius decided to end his life with tragic way. Some say he was depressed, and there is also alleged related distress due to face a legal process that must be faced severe enough relevant hacktivist.


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