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W-News | Mystery and Origin of Planet Nibiru | Is the planet Nibiru is a hoax, the biggest news ever? Or it's true whereabouts? So when this planet Nibiru is touted as the biggest disaster would be the cause of the earth. Let us order the origins and mysteries of the early days of the planet Nibiru story.

Mystery and Origin of Planet Nibiru

In 1846
On 30 September 1846, one week after the planet Neptune was discovered, a French mathematician named Le Verrie announced the possibility of the persistence of the other planets in our solar system that has not been found.

It uses the theory of Newtonian mechanics to measure the orbital disorders Neptu
nus and concluded that this disorder must be due to the gravity of other planets.
On October 10 the same year, Triton, Neptune month found. With the invention of Triton, the astronomers can calculate the mass of the planet Neptune again. But beyond their expectations, they found the mass of Neptune is 2% larger than expected.

These calculations include the effect of gravity is Uranus. Even when Pluto was discovered in 1930, scientists concluded that Pluto is not large enough to affect the mass of Neptune.
So astronomers re trying to find other planets that are considered responsible for mass disruption Neptune.
Other planet yet to be discovered that is called planet X. So Planet X actually is a reference to the planet was believed, but not yet found. This concept has existed since the 1840s. Not something new. The mystery of the Neptune mass anomalies persisted until 1980.

Year 1976
A book kontroversia; titled "The twelfth planet" launched by Zecharia Sitchin. In his book, Sitchin reinterpret ancient Sumerian writings that have been aged 6000 years by renaming the Sumerian gods with names hypothetical planet.

According to Sitchin, the pre-existing planet, there is a planet called Tiamat that lies between Mars and Jupiter. One day Tiamat entered orbit other giant planets around 20 times the size of Jupiter. This planet is called Nibiru. Nibiru itself means "the crossing place" or "place of transition".

This encounter led to Tiamat collided with one month Nibiru. Fraction of these collisions lead to the formation of the planet Earth.

According to Sitchin, Nibiru was the indwelling of a race of aliens called the Annunaki which has an orbital period of 3630 years around the sun. Annunaki who survived the crash later came to Earth. Then the story evolved.

Annunaki supposedly said genetically modified primates on earth by way of mixing it with their own genes to create homo sapiens (humans) as their slaves.

When the Annunaki left earth, they let the man (which is genetically modified primates) ruled the earth until they come back to earth. The followers of Sitchin then took the concept and the term planet X to describe the planet Nibiru. For those Planet X is being sought is in fact Nibiru.

This is the first meeting between the concept of Planet X and Nibiru.
The followers of Sitchin then also connect to the calculation of the return of Nibiru doomsday Mayan calendar. They then concluded that the planet Nibiru will go into orbit the Earth on December 21, 2012.
Remember that the planet's gravity will affect other planets nearby. Called Nibiru has a massive 20 times Jupiter certainly be the undoing of planet Earth.

The 1980s
NASA announced that the anomalous mass of Neptune was a mistake on observational data. Once the data is corrected, it is no longer found orbital errors. Mystery solved sustained since 1840s. Discourse Nibiru and the end of 2012 began to sink slowly.

Year 1983
Headline media wrote that the two astonom named Neugebauer and Houck found a Jupiter-sized planet that crossed the globe in the space of about 2 billion kilometers from the sun. People began to wonder, is this possible sign of Nibiru.

But apparently the media wrong! Neugebauer and Houck said only that they found irregularities in the infrared spectrum. It could mean anything, from a planet to a galaxy.

Year 1994
A researcher and astrologer named John Major Jenkins published a book entitled "Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies"

In his book he interprets the meaning of the Mayan calendar periods. It was not anything new, but Jenkins returned popularized the concept of the Mayan calendar that has been previously popularized by Michael D Coe.

Jenkins is considered as the person most responsible for the spread of the concept of the end of 2012. 2012 Doomsday again got the world's attention, spurred by the publication of the book Jenkins.

Year 1995
A psychic named Nancy Lieder claimed that he was warned by an alien race living on a planet located in the Zeta Reticuli system that the planet Nibiru will destroy the Earth in May 2003.

Year 2003
Nancy Lieder missed forecasts. May 2003, the world did not end. Nancy Lieder correct predictions to the year 2012.

Year 2005
Nasa announced that on October 21, 2003 had previously found a tenth planet named Eris. People immediately associate it with Nibiru.

April 2006
Planet redefined the meaning of the word. Based on this new definition, in the category of planet Eris mini with Pluto. Moreover, the characters are very far from Nibiru Eris. Orbital period of 556.7 years Eris only.

2007 - Now
The concept of the end of 2012 reinstated by several popular books. But this time, Nibiru is not considered as a cause of doom, but solar storms (solar maximum). Nibiru is only a discourse side, covered by the popularity of solar storms.


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