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"Skyfall" Movie By Mistake Is Second Most In 2012

Hey, no one expects a 007 mission will run very perfect, is not it?

W-News | "Skyfall" Movie By Mistake Is Second Most In 2012 |  "Skyfall" is still popular after nearly two months of release and has surpassed a record revenue of 1 million dollars (around Rp 9, 7 billion) at the box office world. The film is ultimately recognized, by entering into films nominated Producers Guild of America.
So maybe the audience, critics and organizations do not pay attention - or, perhaps, do not mind - with all the films continuity and factual errors. has released its list of 2012 films with the most errors. "Skyfall" was second with 35 errors seen by the audience very carefully:

- Just before the Bond reached the chapel, he jumped into the cold water. In the next scene, in the chapel, he was completely dry.

- At the bar drinking and watching television Bond he holds a bottle that is 80 percent full. He poured some in a glass and watch TV. In the next scene a drink in bottles only about 20 percent.

- When riding a motorcycle on the roof of houses in Istanbul, Bond initially did not wear glasses, and wearing sunglasses, then do not wear glasses anymore.

For more details: 

- In the car scene before the explosion MI6, the IPv4 address is not valid (there is a number greater than 255) is displayed on a laptop screen.

- James Bond seen driving a car in Whitehall, London. Behind there is the bus number 38 looks. But the number 38 bus does not have a track near Whitehall.

Although a total of 35 faults may seem large, it does nothing (or not semengecewakan, depending on how you look at it) compared to 63 errors in the "Men in Black III" is in the first place.
Some errors in the science fiction film Barry Sonnenfeld's direction include:

- When police were digging through J, the police left hand on the left is constantly changing position in every scene, which is not logic.

- When K takes the prize of Crackers box, the size of the box magically becomes very small.

- When A is being swallowed by a fish, the floor around him changed from very dirty, a little bit dirty, clean up along the frame.

Are third and fourth with each of the 24 errors is the movie "The Dark Knight Rises" and "The Amazing Spider-Man". Meanwhile, "The Avengers" followed in fifth with 22 faults. Despite a lot of criticism about the lack of logic of the latest Batman movie plot plots Christopher Nolan, as well as long as there is an error:

- The plane in the beginning at least had seats in row 4 row 5 in the left and right. In the last scene of Bane and the doctor came out of the plane, the left only has 3 rows and the right part also seems to have no more than 3 lines.

- When Bane will blow up the stadium, there are players on the pitch. However, when Bane says "Let's start this game", all players have gone. Then all the players came back again in the next scene.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man battles the Lizard colored some "creative freedom":

- When fighting in the laboratory Lizard, Peter turned randomly jackets ranging from clean, covered with dust, so that only partially covered with dust.

- When the Lizard throws Peter through the wall into the classroom, books and concrete debris flying over Peter, but when he landed, and back all of a sudden it disappeared.

And a variety of errors that we call "Purple Pants Hulk Effect":

- When Connors turns into Lizard, clothes magically grow from medium to XXL sizes.

Speaking of the Hulk, he apparently managed to avoid mistakes in "The Avengers" ... unlike human beings, Bruce Banner:

- When Bruce Banner meets Natasha Romanoff for the first time in Calcutta, there are scenes of behind where Natasha was heard talking but the reflection in the mirror behind Bruce does not describe it.

- Right after Dr. Nick Fury Banner asks how many spectrometers that can be accessed Helicarrier, he took off his jacket, folded it, and placed it under his arm. In the next scene, suddenly the jacket sleeve cover.
And this one is for all the fans of Galaga:

- When one computer operator plays Galaga, sound effects heard is to try to capture the enemy ship the player ship, but what is displayed on the screen is normal scene.

Viewing films that entered the ranks of Top Five, one can conclude that it seems difficult to keep track of everything in a big budget action movie featuring lots of explosions, vehicle collisions and actor who continues to move and come into contact with a lot of things.


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