Saturday, 26 January 2013

W-News | Logitech Will Stop Multiple Accessories Game | As companies peripherals, Logitech true enough name resound with over 31 years of business experience. But it seems, Logitech began evaluating the future of gaming accessories of products cultivated fields.

Logitech Wwill Stop Multiple Accessories Game

Until finally the decision to halt production of several gaming accessories has also been word of a hammer. Logitech CEO P. Bracken Affirmed Darrell, financial deterioration experienced by Logitech force the company to reduce some of the business chain.

Preceded by several accessories business game plan would be stopped manufacturing at the end of 2013.

"We have been evaluating several product categories that no longer fit our strategic goals," said Darrel.

"As a result, we decided to stop production of speaker-dock and several variants of game accessories starting later this year," he added, as reported by Digital Trends, Friday (25/01/2013).

Decisions taken Logitech allegedly caused by switching users now prefer smartphones and tablets than desktop computers or notebooks. Given desktop computer segment is a segment of the coveted Logitech to market products says game accessories.

In addition to this, the competition among manufacturers of gaming accessories seem to have affected the decisions made by Logitech.

Where MadCatz is one strong contender in the realm Logitech game accessories products, experienced a surge in sales in its report late last year.


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